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Job Description:

Provide expertise for IT infrastructure (e.g. servers, network), application infrastructure (e.g. SAP), and related services (e.g. Business Continuity) throughout the lifecycle of a deal in accordance with contractually established terms and conditions and established technical standards. Provides technical input, solutions, and recommendations to deal pursuit. Engaged in and provides support for transition/transformation efforts. Monitors service delivery compliance to budget, quality standards, and customers and/or internal businesses/end user requirements. Provides IT infrastructure and/or application infrastructure lifecycle technical support, including planning, project management, installation, on-going management/monitoring/troubleshooting, and de-installation, following operational policies and processes that are compliant with industry standards (e.g. Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)). Manages the technical/service relationship between the company and the customer, and between the company and subcontractors/vendors. Works with the key customers and/or internal businesses/end user representatives (Infrastructure Support Managers, Client Manager and the Account Delivery Manager) to retain customers and build the business. ITO Service Delivery work is generally performed remotely from the company facility, but may be performed at the customer’s location when required/justified.

Incident Management:

Identify performance issues proactively. Solve technical problems on assigned hardware and software platform(s)/application(s) following standard protocols. Works within strict time scales and elevates incidents within defined time windows.

Problem Management:

Uses proactive monitoring procedures/tools to identify problem prevention opportunities. Change Management. Configure system hardware, software and network components to meet established standards with assistance. Perform routine installations and/or configurations.

Assemble and integrate system/product Operations Maintenance:

Perform routine maintenance.

May include performing tape/backup operations Quality:

Understands the impact of operations delivery on the customer's business. Contribute to team's ability to meet target goals through participation in continuous service improvement initiatives.

Complaint Handling:

Responds to customer- relations problems promptly and appropriately. Takes ownership to ensure satisfactory completion of complaint, through engagement of appropriate resources.

Customer Relationship:

Maintain a high level of customer satisfaction by clarifying customer needs and ensuring that they are met. Work effectively in a multicultural environment. Respond to service, product, technical, and customer- relations questions.


Lead a small team with well- defined objectives.

Education and Experience Required:

High School Diploma or equivalent; may hold 2 year post-high school Degree (technical field); may hold Bachelor's degree. May hold entry level certification(s) in field of work. Typically, 3-5 years of working experience in related fields.

Knowledge and Skills:

Able to demonstrate broad knowledge of corporate policies, products/service portfolio, markets and processes In-depth knowledge of administration or technical practices in relevant areas, plus application of basic theory. Able to apply advanced knowledge to assist in the operation of one or more aspects of a technology area/customer group. Ability to resolve or assist in the resolution of complex Customer problems. Able to apply knowledge of high availability system environments, if applicable. Able to apply skills in project management, analysis, scheduling and controlling. Able to demonstrate good oral, written, and telephone communication skills. Ability to build and maintain relationships with customers, peers, and support partners. Able to understand Customer system environments with associated business needs. Ability to work in a team environment, which may be local, global, virtual, or multi- functional. Demonstrate good teamwork with peers.
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TECNICO SUPORTEOferta de emprego
Job Description:

Customer Solution Centers are made up of teams that provide remote (offsite) service; customer access, pre-sales, post-sales, and service delivery. Technical teams focus is to solve various business systems and applications problems for customers, onsite engineering personnel and Authorized Service Providers on standard, specialized or complex systems.


Working from a standard protocol and utilizing documented processes to respond to customer issues. Some judgment may be used to supplement the outlined process. Successfully resolve simple to moderate technical issues (related to hardware and software) from incoming customer contacts and proactive notification systems. Respond to service, product, technical, and customer-relations questions on subjects such as features, specifications, and repairs on current and discontinued products, parts, and options, based on customer entitlement (for example more complex warranty). Begin to proactively assist customers to avoid or reduce problem occurrence. Work is often reviewed by Supervisor or Team Lead.

Education and Experience Required:

High school education or Equivalent. To adequately perform the duties of the job individuals must possess a minimum of 6 months to 1 year general experience, or equivalent college level education.

Knowledge and Skills:

Articulate in excellent written and verbal communication skills. Experience in customer facing role either remote or face to face. Computer proficiency with applicable software applications (for example Microsoft Office, CAD, Adobe Suite, programming. Demonstrated problem solving skills. Accuracy in data entry. Excellent fluency in language to be supported. Experience in a phone based remote role, e- support, e-chat, or similar. Familiarity with computer technology. Desirable: Knowledgeable in call routing and case management processes as well as case logging systems and obligation systems.
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Analista de Prevenção de FraudesOferta de emprego

Ter participado de projetos relacionados a Chargeback. A DXC Technology(NYSE:....


Você já passou a entrevista para Gerente de Soluções Outsourcing I na DXC? Compartilhe a sua opinião sobre a reunião com o recrutador. A sua opinião pode ajudar outros usuários.


DXC empregará uma pessoa para o posto Analista de Suporte ao Cliente. Você candidatou-se a esta oferta e foi convidado para uma entrevista? Compartilhe as suas impressões da reunião direta com o recrutador. A sua opinião pode ser útil.


Participaram do recrutamento para o posto Auxiliar Administrativo IV na DXC e foram convidado para uma entrevista? Compartilhe as suas impressões relacionadas à reunião com os representantes da empresa. As informações fornecidas podem ser úteis para outros usuários.


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Analista de Melhoria de ProcessoOferta de emprego
Job Description:

Job Description:

Leads programs and projects regarding implementation of Quality improvement strategies, measurement, and training. Supports leadership in driving quality culture and quality improvements within the organization. Responsible for identifying and improving process and program efficiency and effectiveness. Ensure that projects and programs align with the quality strategy and vision. Coaches and provides direction to the business or functional area on quality improvement projects in order to achieve desired business results. Projects are typically shorter-term, less complex and more contained with a defined time frame. Programs are typically longer-term, multi-functional, multi-project with complex requirements and effort.

Responsiblities :

Coordinates a project within a program involving one or more functions and project teams to promote quality culture and drive the quality improvement process for products or service offerings. Develops portions of support requirements for assigned project, including budgets, and resource allocation plans, in accordance with provided plan and specifications. Coordinates the activities of associated project teams; tracks progress against established plans, reports results, and makes recommendations for alterations or updates to program manager. Supports program communications, including creation of status reports and summaries, tracking escalations and resolutions of issues, coordinating stakeholder meetings and updates, and updating project and program plans.

Education and Experience:

Bachelor's or Master's degree in Quality Management, Business Management, Engineering, Computer Sciences, or equivalent. Typically 2-4 years experience.

Knowledge and Skills:

Using project planning tools and software packages to create, manage, and track project results. Ability to apply analytical and problem solving skills. Knowledge of project and program methodology, resource allocation plans, budgets, and requirements. Strong written and verbal communication skills; mastery in English and local language. Ability to effectively communicate plans, proposals, and results, and negotiate options.
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NOTA: Note que a sua opinião deve estar em conformidade com os termos e condições e a mais concreta - queremos que os nossos usuários possam aprender o máximo possível sobre o trabalho em DXC, também graças à sua publicação.

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